Anton Poletaev

Having 15-years experience in investment banking & PE/VC and being a private VC investor, in 2018 Anton co-founded 110 Industries, a publisher and IP house with diversified portfolio of projects. 110 Industries 110 Industries is the brand under which approximately 100 dedicated professionals throughout the globe collaborate to create video games and other assorted visual … Read more

David Stark

David Stark is an independent game developer from Zurich. Apart from developing games, he co-founded and co-leads the Swiss Game Hub, an incubator and co-working space for game developers. Zarkonnen The main project in recent years has been Airships: Conquer the Skies, a steampunk realtime strategy game where you build airships and fight with them. … Read more

Nikola Cavic

Nikola Čavić is CEO at the GameBiz Consulting, a boutique business consulting firm for the video games industry. Nikola is also an investor and advisor to multiple companies and a board member at the Serbian Games Association, which he co-founded in 2018. Previously, he served seven years as the Head of Business Development at Nordeus, … Read more

Sharon Tolaini-Sage

Co-Author of the 2022 ‘Building a Fair Playing Field’ Guide and the 2023 Women in Games Manifesto, and winner of the 2022 IndieCade Excellence Award for Services to Education, Sharon Tolaini-Sage works on events and publications for Women in Games. She is a passionate supporter of those in the field of Digital Games Education and … Read more

Jennifer Wacrenier

Jennifer Wacrenier is Senior Operations & Communications Manager at PEGI s.a., the organisation that runs the pan-European age rating system for videogames and apps. She is managing the internal and external communication with the PEGI committees and the national trade associations. Involved in all PEGI developments, she is also responsible for the rating website, compliance … Read more

Adrian Degonda

Adrian Degonda is a lecturer at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. He completed his Master’s degree in Media and Computer Science Didactics in 2021 and works mainly in teacher training and secondary school teacher education. His main interests include the didactics of programming, the use of artificial intelligence in schools and the use of … Read more

Federica Nocerino

Federica Nocerino is a Marketing Consultant in the tech and videogame industry. She also serves as a Women in Games Ambassador and is part of Womentechmakers by Google. She collaborates with organisations and studios to champion diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Women in Games The purpose of Women in Games is to build a … Read more

Vivian Frei

Former police officer, teacher in secondary education & school board member Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich As violence prevention officer for the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich I am responsible for school-based violence prevention on all school levels. My main tasks consists in developing, coordinating and implementing preventive measures … Read more

Dr Daniel Koehler

Daniel Koehler is a researcher at the Competence Centre Against Extremism in Baden-Wuerttemberg at the State Bureau for Criminal Investigation. Competence Centre Against Extremism in Baden-Wuerttemberg The Competence Centre Against Extremism in Baden-Wuerttemberg is a police-led counter radicalisation and counter violent extremism program with its own research division. URL: Konex BW

Kathrin Radtke

Kathrin Radtke is a programmer at the indie game studio Spellgarden Games which she co-founded in 2021. This year, she released the cozy simulation game “Sticky Business”, receiving an overwhelming 98% positive acclaim from Steam reviews. Previously she worked at Studio Fizbin on “The Inner World – The Last Windmonk”, “Minute of Islands” and as … Read more