The Conference

Games, Technology, Society Join the only conference in Switzerland that brings together game creators, representatives of industry and administration as well as policy makers and investors. Gamesweek Zurich – The Conference awaits you with a packed and diverse programme, including IRL meetings, apéros reception party and the Swiss Game Awards Show. The 2-Day-Conference gathers experts … Read more


The Gamesweek Zurich festival offers a diverse programme from 9 to 19 November 2023. The various events allow young and old, as well as amateurs and professionals, to experience the many facets of games. Newsletter Sign up for our newsletter an and get all the news about Gamesweek Zurich. Email: This was edition 2022 Gamesweek … Read more

3rd Edition: 9-19 Nov 2023

The Swiss games festival 9 to 19 November 2023 Gamesweek Zurich is the games festival of Zurich. From digital games, board games, workshops, discussion rounds, pinball boxes, cookies in the shape of hearts and potions made of organic juice to the staging of the Swiss Game Awards – all forms of games are included. The … Read more