Luca Guidobaldi

Luca Guidobaldi is an Italian lawyer based in Rome and a Salary Partner at ADVANT Nctm, one of the most prominent independent Italian law firms. Luca boasts a very strong specialization, already acquired during his academic career in Italy and abroad, in the field of copyright and intellectual and industrial property – a subject in which he also obtained an LL.M. in the United States – as well as in the law of media & entertainment, technology, art, communication and advertising: on a daily basis he provides strategic assistance and legal support in the field of copyright, trademarks, patents, design, software (including videogames), all for the benefit of a vast network of Italian and international clients, ranging from the youngest start-ups to the major Made in Italy brands, and again from solo artists, developers and celebrities to record labels, videogame publishers and console manufacturers.

Luca teaches copyright and communication law at the Quasar Institute of Advanced Design in Rome and is also a member of some of the most important international associations in the sector, such as INTA, AIJA, LES Italia, also boasting numerous collaborations with the most authoritative Italian law journals, including, in particular, Il Diritto Industriale (IPSOA) and Il Diritto dell’Informazione e dell’Informatica (Giuffrè).


ADVANT Nctm is one of the most prominent Italian firms, with full-service capacity and more than 600 lawyers around Europe.


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