Sharon Tolaini-Sage

Co-Author of the 2022 ‘Building a Fair Playing Field’ Guide and the 2023 Women in Games Manifesto, and winner of the 2022 IndieCade Excellence Award for Services to Education, Sharon Tolaini-Sage works on events and publications for Women in Games. She is a passionate supporter of those in the field of Digital Games Education and has a strong interest in teaching and mentoring.

Women in Games

Women in Games is a small not for profit organisation with a global reach. Its purpose is to build a fairer, safer, more equal global gaming ecosystem, and its vision is to ensure an environment where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions enables all girls and women, of any ethnicity, orientation and background, to achieve their full potential within the global gaming ecosystem. Women in Games advocates for all women, girls and people of diverse gender identities as well as transgender, gender diverse and intersex women.

URL: Women in Games